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The Facts

Today’s name brand mattresses are heavy on style, but light on quality. Many of them are quite beautiful; their covers are a sight to behold. They have been quilted with expensive tack and jump quilters. The first perception is that if they are so beautiful on the outside, they must be good on the inside. In recent years many consumers have purchased these pretty mattresses and have been very disappointed when the mattress quickly developed body impressions.

As a general rule thicker, softer, plusher, more luxurious mattresses tend to lose their initial “luster” much more quickly than firm mattresses do. One reason this happens is because the soft fiber and low-density foam used in the puffy mattresses tends to compress and develop body impressions very quickly. Monarch Rest recommends latex foam to achieve a luxurious feel rather than the low density foams commonly used.

Monarch-Rest Mattress Cut-away photo

Wire Gauge- Innerspring

The lower the number the heavier the wire. 12.5 gauge is much heavier than 14.5 gauge. Wire gauge is just as important as the number of coils.

Edge Supports

The wire double coil supports Monarch Rest uses are arguably the strongest, most durable supports available. We believe they provide the best edge support compared with other support systems.


The insulation is hidden within the mattress. In the cutaway picture on pages 26 and 27 you can see that carefully selected components combine to keep the foam padding from being pushed down into the innerspring. Insufficient insulation will result in damaged foam and body impressions.


Urethane foams are rated by weight (density) and firmness (ILD). 1835 means that a foam weighs 1.8 lbs. per cubic foot (note the first two numbers). The last two numbers mean that the foam is of medium firmness. If the second number is low (such as 15) it means a soft foam. A high number like 45 means a firm foam.

In the past, the industry used 1.8 wt quilting foam as standard. Today many manufacturers use low-density super soft foam in the quilting and low-density foam in the padding. A 1.8 wt foam will last about twice as long as a 1.2 wt and three times as long as the low-density super-soft quilting foams.

Urethane foams are primarily petroleum based. You will read that certain foam is soybean oil based. In reality, the product may contain 10–20% soy or canola oil. Presently scientists are adjusting the molecular structure so that natural oils will last longer, but currently high soy content means an inferior product.


See the Cut-Away!


Industrial Trends vs Monarch Rest

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina caused large-scale damage to oil refineries, resulting in a rapid spike in urethane foam prices of 50–70%. In 2006 steel prices rose dramatically. In 2007 mattresses were required by the CPSC to be fire retardant. Monarch Rest’s prices increased sharply during this time so that quality could be maintained. But the national brands wanted to keep the same price points, so they switched to low-density foam. They reduced the amount of steel (in some cases eliminating steel box springs and using only a wood foundation.) And they switched to a one-sided mattress as standard.

Monarch Rest made none of these concessions. We kept the steel in the boxsprings (wood foundations are available at reduced prices). We kept mattresses two-sided except for specialty mattresses.

Most important of all, we continued to use high-density foams. Low-density foams allow big body impressions to develop quickly. Reflecting this lower quality level, the national industry has lowered its defect standard. They now consider a body impression of less than 1½” not to be a defect. Monarch Rest, considers any impression ½” or greater to be a defect

monarch-rest mattress foam

Mattress Terminology

Industry name is Bolded

Convoluted Foam      aka: Egg Carton Foam
Visco/Visco-Elastic      aka: Memory Foam
Urethane/Polyurethane Foam       aka: Foam





Mattress Sizes

Twin • 38×75
Twin XL • 38×80
Full • 53×75
Full XL • 53×80
Queen • 60×80
King • 76×80
Cal King • 72×84

Foundation Heights

8″ • STD. Boxspring
5″ • LO-PRO Boxspring
7.5″ • Wood Foundation
2″ • Bunkie Board

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