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Home Acres Furniture Delivery content imageOh no, it won’t fit in your car! Don’t worry: We can get your hand-crafted showroom item, or custom-ordered furniture sets, delivered to your home. We pride ourselves on the personal touches that make our customers feel like they are truly getting the best services available. Here at Home Acres Fine Furniture we don’t do “curb side” delivery–we love our customers too much to do that to them. Instead, we take it one step further by bringing your furniture items into your home and setting them up for you. This “White Glove” delivery service helps insure that every item you ordered is 100% correct, free of defects, and looks perfect in your room. We also occasionally lend a helping hand if there’s old furniture that needs to be moved in order to make room for your new Home Acres furniture.

Below are our prices for delivery services as of 7/1/16. We like to offer this as a guide to pricing, but we work with our customers to make sure they are getting an accurate pricing for their purchase. This means we assess your unique order before assigning an exact delivery price for it.

Delivery Pricing

  • 0- 25  Miles = $90
  • 25-50 Miles = $170
  • 50-75 Miles = $240
  • 75-100 Miles = $300
  • 100 + Miles = call




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